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Ayurvedic Facial

Ayurvedic facials offer a unique way of addressing each client’s needs and one of the best solutions for regular skincare. Instead of opting for chemical laden facials which provide a temporary glow, Ayurvedic facials help enhance radiance from within by removing the impurities and tightening the skin. The healing herbal and botanical ingredients in a customized Ayurvedic facial contain the perfect blend of nutrients to add radiance and tightness to your skin. If you have dry, aging, combination or sensitive, oily skin an Ayurvedic facial treatment will ensure you get the best treatment for your specific skin type. The herbal ingredients gently and thoroughly cleanse skin, stimulates circulation, leaving every complexion smooth, soft, and moist, without causing blemishes to erupt.


  • Good for Skin Glow

  • Relieves Dryness and Rejuvenates the Skin

  • Help in Pimples and Acne Scars

  • Enhances Overall Well-Being

  • Helps in Pigmentation or discolouration of facial skin.

Sattyam ,Shivam , Sundaram (Wherever true and Goodness is, there resides the real beauty )

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  • 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Monday -Sunday) with appointments