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Children’s Health

When it comes to the health of your children, it is crucial that they grow up with a substantial amount of natural immunity within them. Ayurveda can help children and infants naturally build immunity through several proven methods and ways. The art of practicing Ayurveda includes much wisdom that is easily applied to kids, as well as adults. When you apply Ayurveda to your kid’s life, you introduce them to vibrant health.

However, you must note that no matter what remedy you use (natural or chemical), you must take into consideration the advice from a medical professional. This is because they will understand your child’s health better and prescribe a dose that will provide the best results; these results will last for a long time as well.

Ayurveda function with life cycles and energies of the natural world; this helps foster strength, resilience and vibrant health as well. Children can benefit from the Ayurveda approach because it is natural and it won’t affect their growth rate and it will reignite their innate capacity to grow, heal and thrive in the world.

Ayurveda celebrates differences and it’s a unique system of medication that does not include a “one-size-fits-all” concept. It’s a medical concept that celebrates the health of everyone. This concept applies to children as well, as every kid is different depending on their genetic makeup. You can take an Ayurvedic test to determine your child’s current physical state and balance.

According to Ayurveda methods, there are three essential doshas in the human body and it’s vital that you maintain a healthy balance within them. In the upcoming section, we will take you through each dosha and the prevalent traits that will help restore your child’s immunity.


Vata is seen in children who are lean and have an irregular appetite. It’s also presents in kids who get cold quickly and have dry skin. The hair is thin and tightly curled, and the skin texture happens to be light while leaning towards duskier tones. Children who possess Vata are sharp, witty, and creative. If a child happens to have excess Vata, then they are prone to anxiety episodes, physical and emotional restlessness, fidgety eating habits, insomnia and digestive issues.


Kids who have a moderate built are known to have Pitta, and they also have a healthy appetite. They cannot tolerate hunger and skipping meals, which means that they need to eat regularly. Pitta kids dislike warm weather,and they have fine, straight hair and a sharp eyesight. They are also intelligent, have great speech patterns, and innovative minds. Excess Pitta leads to inflammation, diarrhea, easily irritated skin and anger issues.


Children who have a solid and sturdy physical appearance are known to have the Kapha trait and this comes with notable endurance and strength. These kids will have slow digestion and mild appetite, but they enjoy food too. Kapha kids have oily, smooth skin and have thick-wavy hairs. Kapha kids are quite mature for their age and compassionate as well, the face challenges like slow digestion, congestion, lethargy, excessive sleep, depression and weight gain.

Children digestive system plays a vital role in his/her overall health, and a healthy gut means a healthy life. Ayurveda explains that stomach consists of a central digestive fire that transforms food in the stomach into energy that helps each cell function.

Immunity is also directly proportional to gut, so if child falls sick regularly, it can mean that there is something wrong with their gut. If child has a poor appetite, it can mean that their digestion is dull. This can happen when impurities and toxins build up in the digestive tract; this waste is called ama in Ayurveda. An excessive build-up of ama can cause weak immunity, poor digestion, insomnia,mood swings and so on.

In Ayurveda kumarbharatiya/ Balatantra tells about how to treat children. It includes all age of children (newborn, toddlers, kids, teenage). Great health means great fun. The healthier your child, the happier they are.


Establishing a daily routine suitable for the body bioenergy status and taking special care to address the imbalances after consulting with our expert Ayurveda doctor should be the first step. Call Ayurveda Bliss to know more how we can assist your child to achieve their potential

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