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Swedana – Herbal Steam

“Swedana” therapy, a traditional Ayurvedic therapy along with the use of a chamber box. Swedana, also known as sudation therapy or sweat therapy, involves inducing sweat in the body to eliminate toxins and promote overall health and well-being.

In Ayurveda, Swedana is often administered after an initial phase of oleation therapy (Snehana), where the body is prepared by applying medicated oils internally or externally. Swedana can be administered in various ways, one of which is through the use of a chamber box.

A Swedana chamber box is typically a wooden with an opening for the person head. The person sits inside the box while steam or herbal-infused steam is introduced into the chamber. This steam induces sweating, which helps to open up the pores, relax muscles, improve circulation and facilitate the elimination of toxins from the body.

The herbs used in the steam can vary based on the individual’s constitution and any specific health concerns.

Swedana therapy in a chamber box can be done in range of conditions, including joint pain, stiffness, muscle tension, respiratory ailments, and detoxification. However, it’s essential to undergo this therapy under the guidance of a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner to ensure safety and effectiveness, as the duration and intensity of the treatment may vary depending on individual.

Experience Swedana with Us:

At our Ayurveda Sydney based Ayurveda Bliss Holistic Centre located at Waitara in heart of Ayurveda Hornsby, our experienced Ayurvedic practitioner helps you in swedana therapy. 

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  • 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Monday -Sunday) with appointments