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Ways to live a holistic lifestyle

It’s more important in today’s unprecedented situation to focus on mental health just like physical health. Ayurveda promotes multiple preventive approaches in order to stay healthy and happy. Ayurveda promotes an appropriate lifestyle, good eating/drinking habits, use of herbs and spices in food and integrate contemplation in your life. Ayurveda believes prevention is best and first approach.It’s important to stay relaxed physically as well as mentally in the current restrictions and social distancing. Apart from socializing electronically with your love-ones, few other tips you can follow to get relaxed and calm mentally while maintaining social distancing.

1. Meditation and Pranayama

Practising meditation and chanting is one of the best mindful leaving tips as it soothes anxiety and depression during this COVID-19 pandemic. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to ease stress and anxiety as each breath sends a message to your brain to slow down and relax. Breathing technique Pranayama is the gift of Ayurveda to the world to provide calmness and restful state. To enjoy a multi-sensory experience and reap the full benefits of mediation and chanting, consider pairing meditation practice with aromas of Ayurveda herbs.

How to perform Pranayama in steps

  1. Create a fist, rest your index and middle finger over your third eye to balance you within this practice.
  2. Release your pinkie and thumb. Covering your right nostril with your thumb, breathe through your left nostril in a proper in and out rhythm.
  3. Next cover up your left nostril with your pinkie by releasing your thumb than breathe in and out through your right nostril.
  4. Close your eye and alternate between the two by focusing on long inhalation and exhalations. Repeat it up to 10 to 15 minutes

2.Yoga and exercise

A healthy body can hold the healthy mind, its most important to keep your body moving in today’s restriction to stay healthy. Yoga and exercise can keep your body in proper shape and endorphins released by your body will improve your mood and provide strength mentally to stay fit and active. Yoga is a great way to achieve these goals and can easily be practised at home and with minimal equipment, making it a great way to clear your mind and stay healthy while socially isolating. Yoga is the best way to relax, improve flexibility, have more energy and to find inner peace. It’s the best way to balance the body and mind connection for increased well being and improved physiology.

  • Benefits of Yoga
  1. Improves quality of life
  2. Improves flexibility and balance
  3. Improves sports performance
  4. Decrease anxiety and depression
  5. Sustained weight maintenance
  6. Improves sleep quality
  7. Slows aging
  8. Improves heart functioning
  9. Menopause relief
  10. Improves sex life

3.Tongue Scraping and Gargling

The idea behind tongue scraping is to effectively remove micro-organism and to stimulate your organs. Do this as part of your morning ritual to reap the rewards. Gargling with ginger juice and rock salt or normal lukewarm saline water is helpful.

4.Neti and Nasya

To keep allergies and virus at bay or support your meditation practice or help in relief headaches and anxiety perform Neti and nasya daily to strengthen your nasal membrane. Use of nasal oils can help strengthen the nasal membranes.You can use nasyam‘anu tail’ and put two warm drops in each nostril daily in the morning and inhale.


It is very important to balance your agni(digestion and metabolism) to avoid build-up of ama(toxin).Balancing the Kapha in order to keep the channels open, which is supportive of the lungs and to balance your pitta, which plays a role in fever.

6 Immunity booster tea and herbs

Tea with the following herbs: Turmeric (fresh), Ginger (fresh), Basil(Tulsi) leaves (fresh or dried), Coriander seeds, Guduchi (only powder available), Cumin seeds and Cinnamon. Take all ingredients in equal proportion according to  perserve, except Ginger ½ proportion.

Guduchi – Immune protector and fever-reducing

Tulsi or Basil – Good in fever and good for lungs

Ginger – Good for  Agni (digestion) and cleansing body fluids

Liquorice – Protecting mucous membranes, supporting the immune system (avoid in case of high blood pressure).

Amala- Richest source of vitamin C

These tips helps to improve digestive fire(agni), immunity, relax the mind, enhance the body strength and balancing hormones level.

All information and resources referenced in this article, including herbal preparations, exercise and dietary recommendations are based on the opinion. All content is intended to inform and encourage you to seek professional advice if the symptoms are present.

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